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What can I give my Dog for Arthritis?

Like human beings, our pets are also prone to arthritis which becomes more common as they grow older. Though overweight dogs are mostly found to be suffering from such ailments however, it may also be found in younger and slimmer dogs due to some previous injuries.

Arthritis can make the life of your pet very painful so, the question arises: what can I give my dog for arthritis? The best way is to start the precautionary measures and treatment at an early stage the moment you notice any symptoms of the ailment. Though a wide variety of treatment options are available in the market, it should always be given on the medication prescribed by the vet as per the severity of the ailment in your dog.

Symptoms of Arthritis

Before giving any medication, it is necessary to understand the symptoms of arthritis in your dog. Here are some of the easiest ways to know whether your dog suffers from arthritis or not:
  • If you notice increased chewing habit in your dog
  • If your dog seems stiff while standing and finds very hard to get up
  • If your dog starts avoiding stairs or shows a hard time climbing it
  • If your dog loses balance while eating, urinating or any other activity which need him to stand for some time
  • If your dog sleeps more than normal and shows less interest in physical activities
  • If he shows abnormal loss or gain in weight
  • If you notice swelling in his joints or find him licking the affected joints
The next step is to take your dog to a vet and get him diagnosed for arthritis. There are various medicines recommended by the vets, however it’s always a safe and effective option to give a homeopathic remedy to your pet. One of such wonderful options available in the market is Pet Bounce, a complete homeopathic remedy for relieving your pet from the excruciating pain of arthritis.

Pet Bounce: A Homeopathic Medication
Pet Bounce is an amazing medication for getting relief from the incapacitating joint pain caused due to arthritis. The best part about this medicine is its natural ingredients which gives joint pain relief to your pet without any risk of side effects. As the name itself suggests, this medicine was specifically made for cats and dogs who suffer from arthritis or any other kind of joint pain. The painful life of your pet can be uplifted and he can lead a quality life in a completely natural way with this medication. With Pet Bounce, even a dog with severe arthritis pain can be given a pain free and comfortable life.

A Medicine without any Side Effects

Pet Bounce is miraculous combination of many homeopathic ingredients which work wonders in reducing inflammation, stiffness and swelling of joints without any kind of side effects or discomfort in following the medication. The effectiveness of homeopathy has been recognized worldwide and has been successfully used for more than 200 years. It is considered to be more reliable than other medicines as it contains non-toxic ingredients which don’t harm other body functions in any way. If you wish to see your pet always healthy and active, Pet Bounce is the perfect solution.

A Combination of Natural and Non- Toxic Ingredients

It uses the ingredients which have been trusted for centuries for relieving joint pain like Apis Mellifica, Colchicum Autumnale 200C, and Ruta Graveolena. All these ingredients are plant based and have always been known for showing miraculous effect in medical treatments. It will certainly help you in spending some quality time with your pet without causing any discomfort to any of the two.

A Liquid Based Formula to give Fast Relief

The other important feature about this product which makes it superior to others is its liquid based formula. It certainly gives it an upper hand over other medications available in pill or powder form. Adding to your convenience, Pet Bounce can be easily mixed with the water or food of your dog. It’s never an easy task to give your pet a medicine in powder or pill form. Even if you are able to give it, it takes more time to show its effect as compared to the medicines available in liquid form. So, this is another advantage as it shows its effect much faster than several other medicines available in the market. It directly enters the blood stream and doesn’t need digestion to reduce the pain. Undoubtedly, it relieves the pain of your dog in the shortest span of time.

Pet Bounce: Best Solution for Arthritis for your Pet

Now, you must have got an answer of the often asked question: what should I give my dog for arthritis? So, if you wish to give the best medication to your dog for arthritis and relieve him from the pain in the shortest duration without any side effects, Pet Bounce is certainly the best option.
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